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  • Anyone else guilty of folding their paperbacks in all sorts of funny directions? 🙈 Wearing my uniform as of late right into the weekend — and I’ve linked everything over on Stories for you! // 📷 by @quinndevil #classicstyle #nycstyle #summeroutfit #ootd
  • New on the blog today: sharing my full review of @renttherunway’s Unlimited rental service. Over the course of 2 months, I rented 10 pieces ($5,345 retail total), for a fixed $159 each month. Have you guys tried it out yet? Would love to hear your thoughts! Direct link in bio! // 📷 by @lydiahudgensphoto #classicstyle #coneyisland #nycstyle #summerdress
  • Photographic evidence of the smile that just wouldn't leave my face last week as we explored the beautiful grounds of @wolfferwine estate at sunset, before sitting down for the most incredible alfresco dinner literally amongst the vines. Huge thanks to the @voguemagazine and @saks teams for having me — and even bigger thanks to @chefdanbarber of @bluehillfarm for preparing an enchanting culinary experience that I won't soon forget! #classicstyle #floraljumpsuit #ootd #darlingdaily
  • New on the blog today: talking all about friendships — how to meet, make and keep them as an adult, because I think we can all agree, it’s slightly harder than our grade school days when a shared love of the Spice Girls and intricate note folding automatically made you kindred spirits. Direct link in bio! And yes, @karenbritchick and I are at it again, this time in matching @ullajohnson! 🙈 // 📷 by @mbzphotog #classicstyle #nycstyle #summerdress #summerstyle
  • Oh you know, just keeping it casual for my Tuesday meetings 💁🏻‍♀️ See more of this @wearbefore jumpsuit today on the blog — direct link in bio! // 📷 by @coastal_flicks #nycstyle #classicstyle #whitejumpsuit #blacktieevent
  • You know you’re going to love a jumpsuit when its online description reads: “Business in the front, ‘Sorry grandma!’ in the back.” See more of this jumpsuit and a few of my other favorite pieces from @sarahseven’s new @wearbefore collection all on the blog today! Direct link in bio! // 📷 by @coastal_flicks #classicstyle #nycstyle #whitejumpsuit #ad #wavybob
  • Does anyone else walk through new-to-them neighborhoods and “claim” houses as their own? Well, this Georgetown beauty behind me with the bay windows and climbing ivy for days, is “mine.” 💁🏻‍♀️ Also, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this dress so I’ve linked it for you in my Stories now! // 📷 by @johnsonty #summeroutfit #ootd #classicstyle #mididress
  • “I’m just like my country, I’m young, scrappy and hungry.” 🎶 Back at @thejeffersondc hotel this weekend and cannot wait to see Hamilton tonight at the Kennedy Center! But first? Georgetown Cupcakes! If you have any recs for DC, please share! // 📷 by @johnsonty #myjeffersonexperience #delightinthedetails #dametraveler #cntraveler
  • In search of funnel cakes and roller coasters, (but not necessarily in that order). Hopped out to Coney Island the other day (my first time ever!) and instantly fell in love with how delightfully kitschy and nostalgic everything felt. I sometimes feel as though I may have been born in the wrong era and it’s places like Coney Island that reaffirm that. Do you guys ever feel that way? If so, name your era below! // 📷 by @lydiahudgensphoto #classicstyle #nycstyle #summeroutfit #coneyisland
  • Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes ✨ On a semi-related note: I have another mirror I’d like to move to my apartment. Anyone wanna help me move it? #westvillage #janehotel #illpayyouhandsomelyinbeerandpizza
  • New on the blog today: sharing a photo diary from my weekend out in Montauk with the @poloralphlauren team. Direct link in bio! // 📷 by @johnsonty #summeroutfit #montauk #classicstyle #poloultrablue
  • Settling back into the work week just got easier once I saw how this editorial spread came to life! Seriously pinching myself so much right now, I’m practically bruised! Huge thanks to everyone who worked on this with me and if you happen to grab an August issue of Marie Claire, Elle, Cosmo, Oprah or Women’s Health, you may see a familiar face! // Main 📷 by @chriseckertphoto, opposite page photos by @noravarcho and @coastal_flicks #classicstyle #pinchme #nycstyle #lookma

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